Friday, January 21, 2011

Christmas 2010

I know I am just a bit behind. It has been another very, very busy month which I will write about later but for now, I just want to share some Christmas pictures. We had a great Christmas with Oliver. This year he was so much more excited then last year. He really didn't know what was going on but he knew it was something good. It was a lot to fit in with his birthday two days earlier and our exciting week-which I will write about later-but it was still a great Christmas. Grams and his great grandmother joined us for Christmas to open presents and eat dinner. One of the reasons for delay in the Christmas post is that we have SO many pictures, I had been avoiding going through and editing and choosing the ones for the blog. Here are just a few.
Daddy and Oliver reading together on Christmas Eve day.

Making cookies with Oliver was so much fun. The early childhood teacher in me was perfect training. I was prepared for a mess (and we had one) but it was so much fun. Oliver didn't know what to do at first. I thought he would catch on to the shaking of the sprinkles faster but he still had fun-and loved licking the icing and sampling the cookies.

More cookies

The hanging of the stocking
(Note: No, I didn't edit all the pictures. I realize that many of them need work)

On Christmas morning, Oliver found a tricycle under the tree from Santa

He also found a filled stocking full of goodies. Oliver has been a very good boy.

Grams gave Oliver a great Oliver size table for coloring, playdough, and, of course, lunch dates with Elmo.

It was such a busy day that we didn't take our family pictures in front of tree on Christmas day. My wonderful mom came over the next day to take pictures. Oliver was not really feeling up for pictures (to say the least). He had been just a tad overscheduled this Christmas and he had had enough. This was as close as we could get. I still think it turned out well.

We had a very wonderful Christmas with family and friends. We are excited for the new year and wish everyone a peaceful and joyous new year.

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