Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Little things

Still no hard drive. I really wish I could post more up to date pictures. Oliver is changing so much! Hopefully soon I will be able to post new pictures.

I just want to record some little things that I don't want to forget.

Oliver still loves to find his belly button. Just ask where's your belly button and his lifts up his shirt to look. His little belly is finally beginning to get a little bit of a pooch but he is still skinny. Of course, if you ask him where his belly button is he will want to look for yours too. This would be ok except he also tries to blow raspberries like Mommy and ends up biting instead. This is also how he kisses you...he bites you. I can't quite get him to understand how to give "gentle" kisses.

Still loving to play outside. He loves to push his push toy outside (we now have an indoor and outdoor one), look at dandelions, laugh at the dog and go look at the windmill down the street. He is definitely going to be an outside kid.

Oliver fought another cold this past weekend. This meant that we had to use the dreaded nasal aspirator...he really, really, hates it. Oliver has never liked us messing with his hands, ears, mouth or nose.Also, if anyone has any tips on how to get him to not have a meltdown when we brush his teeth we would love any help!

He is so active...all of our doors have the safety doorknobs on them now! It amazes me that Oliver can literally run around the house but still love to sit still for a book.

Although Oliver isn't really talking yet but he understands so much-He squeals and runs when you mention "splashtime" or taking a bath. Oliver will go to refridgerator and try to open it if you tell him its time for his yogurt. He knows to go to his room for a diaper change. He will even run to the laundry closet if I tell him its time to do laundry.

Oliver has started to dance. He learned this from his friend Caleb. He is so cute when he bends at the knees and just laughs. Oliver has the best belly laugh. I could just listen to it forever.

There are so many more things. I will have to start making a list as I see them. Hopefully, there will be pictures coming soon as well!