Saturday, September 19, 2009

It's official...he crawls!

That's right! Baby Oliver is crawling. Just a few "steps" but it counts! He started yesterday (in case anyone is keeping count) and he did even more today. He can only take a few "steps" and then he collapses but he is on his way. Oliver loves to pull up on his knees now too so we know that pulling up and cruising are probably coming soon too! I am so excited for our baby boy. I am also buying baby gates this weekend because he is fast! I will try to post video of him crawling(and scooting for those of you who haven't been able to see him scoot).

Oliver is also the explorer-keeping doors closed and baby gates up will be essential once he is more mobile. He loves to just scoot into another room to find something to put in his mouth or touch and bang on. As he scoots along, Oliver will look back at you to see if you are following him and just laugh. I don't know if he thinks he is getting away with something or if he is just so happy to be going somewhere .

There are so many little moments I haven't been blogging how happy he is when he wakes up from a nap or in the morning (most of the time). He starts with little "aahhs" and then really starts talking. By the time I get to his room, he has an entire conversation with himself going. Then he just laughs and laughs when you come over to the crib. Of course then you better get him out quickly because once he sees you he is ready to play.

Oliver is also working on verbal has really picked up this week. He will talk to his toys and just babble. I am convinced he said "da da" to Doug this week but he denies it. He definitely recognizes words like "Daddy", "splashtime" and "no!".

I have realized that I am behind in teaching him all this baby stuff like "bye bye" and "where is your nose?" so I am trying to catch up. We are also working on clapping. This video is a bit dated. It is from Doug's birthday last month but since Oliver still can't clap I am posting it now then you can see growth later.

Oliver has become a big eater. Three meals of solids a day plus bottles and nursing. There are absolutely no foods he won't eat. He likes everything and for that I am grateful. Sometimes he is not sure about a new food but by the bottom of the jar he asking for more. I hope we get the go to start some little bits of table food at his nine month appointment on Friday. We are also taking bets on how much he weighs and his length if anyone wants to get in the action. I am thinking 29 inches and 21 pounds.

All I ask for though is a healthy report from the doctor. That is what is most important. I love him so much. He is truly the best baby boy.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Busy time

It's really sad that I don't even have a recent picture on the computer of Oliver to share with you all. This is dated August 5 if that shows you how busy we have been. As you all probably know, I have returned back to school and since then we have been going a mile a minute. I have also changed grade levels and am now teaching fifth grade which has added more evening work (my usual blogging time). Anyway, enough of is an update on Oliver.

  • Oliver is now a very competent scooter. He gets around everywhere now by dragging himself around. He is so fast! He can also climb up on all fours and rock so we know that a traditional crawl is not far behind.
  • Although he loves to scoot around, Oliver still gets excited sometimes and just "flies" like in the video I posted awhile back. It's usually when he is happy and laughing...very cute!
  • More babbling! No words yet but he will talk your ear off if he gets going! In the crib and in his car seat are some of his favorite places to talk.
  • Laugh and laugh! He is such a happy baby! Oliver will just squeal and laugh if you blow raspberries on his tummy and get silly with him.
  • On the flip side, he has developed some stranger anxiety...he is not quite sure of new people and places right now. So if you run into us somewhere and looks solemn...don't worry, this is his normal behavior right now for new people. He will warm up to you, promise.
  • Loves to pull books off the bookcase.Favorite book right now: Harry Potter. I am sure he will be reading it soon!
  • Other favorite books include: The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Brown Bear Brown Bear, Peek-a-boo kisses, and the Belly Button book.
  • We love cause and effect-lots of banging and rattling going on in the house. We love toys that make noise!
I can't believe how much he is growing up. We have moved out of our infant carrier and into his big boy car seat-he looks so grown up. I recently bought him fall/winter clothing and I had to buy 18 month sizes...not as many cute baby boy rompers. Sigh.

I must run now...I am determined to be more organized in the evening and get back to regular blogging. I am missing too much of lil Oliver's experiences not to do so.