Tuesday, April 21, 2009

He rolls!

A couple of weeks ago (April 4 to be exact!) Oliver rolled over for the first time! The only reason I haven't posted sooner is that it has been crazy since going back to work but more on that later. Here is the rolling over story.

Oliver had been rolling onto his side for a couple of months but hadn't quite made it over to his tummy. He would just roll to his side and smile and then roll back to his back again. It finally happened on a Saturday-he was so kind to wait until a weekend to show his mommy. Oliver was actually pretty tired and I was about to lay him down for his late afternoon nap. He rolled over to his side and started moving his knee under him and trying to push himself over. At this point, I start cheering him and had to resist the temptation to roll him over myself. After several tries rocking on his side, he flipped himself over. I clapped and laughed like he was the only baby to ever roll over. I grabbed the camera and got these shots. I know they aren't great but I was trying to capture the moment.

Isn't this cool, Mommy? I can roll over now!

I did it! I really did it all by myself!

Still pretty cool isn't it?
Not as cool anymore...What do I do now?

At this point, he started getting frustrated at being on his tummy and I put down the camera to flip him back over. He rolled right back over! I couldn't believe it. He fussed again and it started to become obvious that this major milestone had worn him out and it really was time for a nap.

It was at this point that I realized the downside to my son's accomplishment-we couldn't swaddle him anymore in the crib. If he flipped over, he wouldn't be able to flip himself back over and judging from his reaction, he wasn't going to sleep on his tummy yet. I dug out the sleep positioner that we had never used and placed it in his crib. I still used the Kiddopotumus (I am sure I spelled that wrong) but wrapped it under his armpits leaving his arms free. You have no idea how worried I was to put him down for his nap without the swaddle. Oliver has had some nap/sleep issues in the past and the swaddling had worked wonders. Well, he did great. We have such an above average kid! His sleeping habits really didn't change and the sleep positioner is wonderful at keeping him on his back while in his crib. Don't worry, Oliver gets plenty of practice rolling over during the day. Doug and I just didn't want to play "Flip the baby" at 2:00 am.

So, I guess crawling and sitting up are next. I can't believe our little boy is almost mobile now. Babyproofing here we come!