Monday, July 5, 2010

Fun in the sun

We have been having the best summer! I love these days filled with trips to the library and to the park and afternoons in the pool. We got this little inflatable pool for Oliver and he is having the best time with it. The first time he wasn't sure about it and I want to share the pictures from our first pool experience.

This is Oliver after he didn't want to be in the pool the first time and I am trying to persuade him that we are just splashing and having fun.
Finally, he got back in the pool and realized that this was pretty cool.
Yes, he is drinking the pool water. I am a bad mommy...building up a good immune system, right?

As I said, we are having a great time. Oliver's sister Addie is visiting this summer from Nevada and he is having a fun time getting to know his sister. We've gone to the library for story time with our friends Kimberly and Caleb. Last week, he actually sat in one place for about half the time so we are making progress. It wasn't till the music stopped that I had to start chasing after him. Oliver loves to look at the ducks when we have extra time after we are finished. He just laughs and laughs at them. Oliver is getting to the point where he expects a car ride adventure everyday now. Sometimes he has gotten confused when we have gone out front to play and thinks that we are going on an adventure. He pulls at the door of my car and fusses and I have to explain that we are not going anywhere this time. If I say, "Do you want to go in the car?", he just laughs and goes to get his shoes.

Some little things..
Oliver is obsessed with Peek a boo...or "boo" as he says. He loves to close the door to his bedroom and wait for you to open the door and say "Where's Oliver?" He laughs and laughs! Today he discovered he can play it going around the sides of Daddy's car..too much fun!

Also, Oliver loves to be tickled. He will actually asked to be tickled...he will put his hands under his arms and say "tka tka" and laugh.

Oliver loves gates and doors. When we go outside to play, he has to have Mommy open and close the gate to the backyard over and over again..until it's time to play Boo again.

I had a favorite mom moment the other day. It has been really hard dropping the morning nap..more tantrums and fussiness then usual and it has been rough on both of us. The other day I had gone ahead and let him take a morning nap (because he was not going to make it otherwise) so then, of course, he wouldn't take an afternoon nap. Oliver was tired and trying to hold it together but was having trouble at about five in the afternoon. We had listened to his music a lot and he kept wanted to hear Moon Moon by Laurie Berkner ("m m m" hands over head) We very rarely turn on the tv and I try hard not to pull out the dvd so I compromised and pulled it up on Youtube. They didn't have the video just the music. Oliver snuggled right up in my arms and we listened to it three times. He was so precious..and so sleepy.

Well, its time to prepare the swimming pool for another afternoon of fun. Stay cool in the heat!