Friday, January 8, 2010

Christmas 2009

Oliver had a great second Christmas. As you know, he was only 2 days old for his first Christmas and still in the hospital due to my C-section. We celebrated Christmas late at my mom's house and Oliver slept through most of it. This Christmas we still celebrated late due to the snow but boy what a difference from last Christmas. Oliver was up and walking/crawling around and entertained all of us for the day. My mom and grandmother braved the icy roads to come over the day after Christmas. Mom brought us Christmas dinner and we had a great time opening gifts with Oliver. I'll try to hold myself back and not upload all 100 something pictures we took...

Let's start with Christmas eve:Christmas morning (or the day after)

The ice and snow returned this week and we have been out of school this entire week. I am so happy to have had an extra week of break and time with Oliver. It won't make next week any easier but I am so happy to have had this time with him. He is walking more everyday. We have had the best time playing with his new toys and the plastic toys r us bag. Yes, he still loves plastic bags. One of Oliver's new games is to go to the window and just TALK and TALK to Garrett. I really wonder what he is saying to him. He gets quite animated. Oliver also loves to imitate any kind of noises you make...right now it's this funny grunting noise that he will do with Doug. Cracks me up every time. Also, he is doing the cutest clap. Instead of clapping with his palms together, he places one palm on top of the back of his other hand. He is definitely clapping because he does it when he is happy or when we clap..he just hasn't quite learned to turn his hands around. I am sure he will figure it out in his own time but meanwhile it is really cute.

Oliver is eating more table food everyday...some more than others . He loves peaches, sweet potatoes, pears but will eat just about anything. Oliver is not so crazy about milk but we are working on that. Consistency is the key, right?

I should sign off before Oliver wakes. I hope everyone is enjoying the new year and is staying warm. Take care everyone.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

First snow

I know have many important things to do tonight such as work on semester grades and lesson plans but instead I am going to blog about Oliver's first snow. Last year, we had the infamous ice storm but there really was no real snow with the ice storm and he was only a month old. In December, we had snow on Christmas day but we weren't able to take him out and enjoy it. Well, today the weather was cloudy and never above freezing so we decided today would be the perfect day to take Oliver out to enjoy the snow. So we bundled him up and took him and Garrett out into the back yard.

Here are the results.

We took over forty pictures and never once got Oliver to smile but I still love these pictures.

This picture is of Doug trying to get Oliver to "play" in the snow. It didn't work.
Garrett was thrilled and as you can tell is encouraging Oliver to have some fun.

Here is a picture of Garrett. Many of you have asked how he doing. He is getting older but he is still a good dog.

I am getting an extra Mommy & Oliver day tomorrow due to the snow. However, I still must sign off and go be productive with grades and such. I promise Christmas pictures are coming. I am sure I will have something soon to procrastinate doing and I will get busy posting.

Stay warm.