Thursday, November 18, 2010

Small moments

Well, since I have blown off most of the evening when I should have been working on lesson plans, I might as well blog about some of the stories I have wanted to share about Oliver. In no particular order:

  • The other night I was getting something out of the oven and Oliver was in the kitchen. I warned him, "Hot, Oliver. Stay away." He started blowing on the oven like I blow on his food when it is too hot. Love it!
  • This story is from Ms. Kim at Oliver's daycare. The kids were outside and a downpour started. She started gathering up the kids to take them in and got to the door and realized that Oliver wasn't there. She turned around and he is in the middle of the playground with his arms outstretched and laughing. Ms. Kim said that she had to go and take his hand to get him to come in. Is it wrong that I love that it was my child that was laughing and playing in the rain? I love that aspect of his personality.
  • One of Oliver's words is "hug". We were coming home one night and Oliver was fussing in the carseat. I kept asking him what was wrong and said "Tell Mommy what you need." Oliver said, "Hug." I almost pulled the car over and gave him a hug.
  • This is a story from awhile back but I don't want to forget it. Oliver hadn't quite gotten into putting his puzzles together but he still made his own game. He loved to take the puzzle pieces out and then put them in a pile in the living room. You couldn't take them out of the pile. He would get so mad. One day, there was a stock pot out from when he was playing in the kitchen (the bottom cabinets are Oliver's now) and he went over and put the pieces in the pot and just smiled and laughed. After that, if the pot was put away, he would insist on getting it out and putting his pieces in it. Never did anything with it after that-the pieces just had to be there.
  • If he is fussy in the car, I can put in Dave Brubeck and it calms him down. Enough said.
  • Oliver has learned to say "Pig Sooie" and will whenever he feels the need to-without prompting.
That is it for now. I must return to my lesson plans. More later.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Catching up on the last few months

There is no way I could possibly catch up with the last few months. They have been very hectic and busy and I will just start with the pictures that were on my camera and try to fill in as I go.

One of the reasons we have had such a busy few months is that Oliver has been fighting ear infection after ear infection with colds, allergies and viruses in between. I cannot even count the different antibiotics he has been on since August. This is a picture of Oliver when he was sick and requesting to go "night night". Poor sweet baby boy.
As always, August was a busy month with school starting back. Oliver started daycare this fall and it has gone really well. I am so excited that he is making friends and has a great teacher in his classroom. This is picture of Oliver on dress up day in October. He was a farmer because he couldn't stand to wear any other costume with a head. He actually ran around the house crying when he tried on a kitten costume. I couldn't even get a picture of him because he just ran around crying trying to take it off.
Razorback day at big boy school. It was also the Harp Hawk Hoedown..hence my overalls.
Oliver and Daddy at Granna's house
Enjoying a tasty apple treat at Granna's.

Excessive amount of pumpkin patch pictures but I couldn't pick just one:

Oliver had a great time at the pumpkin patch. He had a blast running around looking at the pumpkins and scarecrows. The slide was a blast as well. It was so wonderful to watch him have so much fun. We picked out a pumpkin for him to take home and had plans to carve a jack-o-lantern the next day (Halloween) and go to the Fayetteville square for trick or treating. I went out for a girl's night that night and close to bedtime Doug sent me a text: fever of 102.6. I assumed it was the ears (again) since he had been fighting an ear infection and was already on antibiotics. The next morning, around 4 am, Oliver woke us with a fever of 103.3..his highest fever yet, prompting a call to the nurse on call. We gave him a breathing treatment and more fever reducer and finally managed to put him back to bed. The next day, his fever reached 104. He was one sick little boy. Needless to say, Oliver missed his first real opportunity to go trick or treating. We just couldn't believe he was running around the pumpkin patch the day before. By the time he went to the doctor the following day, his fever had gone up and down reaching 104 two more times. Luckily, it was just a viral infection on top of the ear infection (his doctor said he was an overachiever taking on two infections at the same time) and by the end of the week he was back to his old self.

I have much more to blog about..Oliver's ever expanding vocabulary..great small moments..his love of books and cars but it is getting late. Maybe since I have made this move to start somewhere with catching up I will be able to return again soon. If you made it this far, wow..thanks.