Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I love watching Oliver play. Sometimes I feel bad for not interacting with him more but it is just so fascinating to watch him play that I just get lost in watching him. I don't know much about ten month old play but he seems so independent. Oliver is perfectly happy to play with his toys and books and doesn't necessarily need you to entertain him. Of course, he loves to play peek a boo, tickling, and anything that will make him laugh but he is fine on his own as well.

Lately, he loves to look at books. Tonight, right before bedtime, I looked on the floor at his "debris trail" as we call it, and there were six books and just two toys. Oliver just loves to look at the books and turn the pages over and over. Again, he's fine doing this on his own but, of course, loves to be read to as well. Books with flaps are a big hit but I am going to be doing some major book repair soon because Oliver really, really loves books with flaps!

This week he has also loved these little plastic balls-one jingles, one rattles, one has more of a maraca sound. Oliver will just push one around on the floor and chase after it.

Oliver still loves to bang on things-the ottoman, two toys together, whatever he can find. He just laughs and laughs at this game.

Paper is a big hit too. Oliver has a stack of magazines on a bookshelf that are "his" and he loves to rip out the pages and play with the paper.

The newest "thing" is that Doug taught him that he can make great noises if he moves his arm back and forth in front of his mouth. That is really fun-and loud! A great combination!

I miss being able to play with him so much. I love to just watch him and get lost watching him. I hate that because I have such little playtime with him that I want to make the most out of it. Of course, eventually I snap out of it and start playing again with him. He is just so much fun!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I tried to define the word content this week for my fifth graders and explained that it means that you are happy-just not "jumping up and down happy". Tonight I saw the definition of content. I had just finished nursing Oliver and had laid him down on the bed to put him in his sleep sack. He was lying there in his pajamas and just gave me the sweetest smile-he was so content. It wasn't his cute teethy grin he has when we are playing-just a closed mouth smile. I loved it.

I love putting Oliver to bed. When we went through our hand, foot and mouth/ear infection sleep disruptions, I broke my rule about rocking him to sleep (anything that works at 3:00 am, right?). When I rocked him, he curled his long body up in my arms and would snuggle up against me in the rocker-so wonderful. Now he does this when I put him down for bed. The routine is that I carry him into his room, turn on his music, and sway a little back and forth while I tell him good night. Oliver will now try to curl up in my arms like he did in the rocker. I love it. It is the best feeling in the world. We are both content.